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Our Why

Our purpose is to resolve your legal queries, and to do so without ending up in court if that is possible. While resolution is usually in your best interests, if needed, we have the experience, fortitude, and resources needed to represent you in court.

We are solution oriented.

We are strategic.

We seek to be a trusted adviser.

We are upfront with your options, and their costs.

We understand Moreton Bay and communicate with other Moreton Bay businesses and locals to keep on top of what's happening locally and how it affects you.

We choose to be a local firm, for locals, because we love being your local suburban lawyers.

We understand small business.

We understand asset protection for you and your loved ones. That's why we offer a full range of estate planning and family law planning and advice which take into account the needs of all of our local residents.

Our History

Bradshaw Lawyers commenced in or about early 1990 when AFL mad Andrew 'Paul' Pattison left a local Moreton Bay firm to establish his own firm in Kallangur. Over the next 3 decades, Paul developed a reputation as a true local (or as true a local as can be when he's from Victoria) and he serviced Kallangur and surrounds with a broad service catering for local needs.

His business was located in Anzac Avenue and surrounded by the businesses and homes of many of his clients. He knew and understood the locals, their businesses, and their needs.

Paul was (and remains) an AFL tragic (specifically Melbourne Demons) and any visitors to his office would have noticed the myriad of memorabilia from over the years.

With Paul's retirement in 2019, his firm was acquired by Matthew Bradshaw, a local of north Brisbane growing up with connections to the Moreton Bay region. We started trading under the banner "Bradshaw Pattison'.


Matthew's great grandmother lived on Oxley Avenue and he remembers the region and how it has changed over the last 40 years, and just as much how it has stayed true to itself. He camped out at Murrongbong in the 90s, and visited his brother who lived in Strathpine, including during the 2011 floods.

Matthew's goal was to transition the firm firmly into the 21st century; and he set about upgrading the firm infrastructure, policies, and procedures while trying to remain a local suburban firm. 

Image by Stacey Knipe
Our Now

In 2020, Matthew made the decision to move the firm into a space which better reflected the needs of our clients and straff. After searching and planning for almost 9 months, our new premises were located, the fit out planned and then constructed in early 2021.

We moved in March 2021 to our new premises in Strathpine. Our new offices had a meeting room and a board room meaning that clients could have private and confidential conversations with their lawyers, and a kitchen and an abundance of natural light into all of the offices - something of a novelty for our staff. Our new premises are also wheelchair friendly.

Along with the move, the firm re-branded and commenced trading as 'Bradshaw Lawyers' revealing a new look, new vision, and a new website.

Today, 'Bradshaws' seeks to practice holistically; working with you to identify your legal friction points offering solutions which suit together with a timeline fitting your needs. 

Matthew has also taken his passion of mentoring to train up a team of locals to continue delivering ethical and holistic legal services together with those who support them. Many of our staff are alumni of local schools, living and supporting local.

We have developed practices and procedures in all of our core departments so that all staff are trained up to understand the latest developments including once in a generation changes to our Property Law regime and Family Law regime.

Our client feedback is consistently excellent for every staff member and all clients are asked to feedback anonymously to us on how we are doing.

The 'Bradshaws' brand reflects our values:

The Sigma (Σ) symbol is a prominent feature of our 'Bradshaws' brand. It has many meanings, but given Matthew's history as a Mathematics teacher, it represents 'summation', building something together with you. It also reflects our holistic approach to legal services.


We made it our mission to help locals and their businesses develop and thrive. Our services are tailored specifically for building a steady legal foundation to empower business owners and to remove the barriers for business growth. 


Everything we do is in line with our team values:

  • The ethical pursuit of law, growth, and business

  • Quality of life and happiness

  • Compassion, transparency & trust

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