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Estate Administration 
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Who can we assist?


We can assist you with the Administration of:

  • all Queensland Estates

  • reseals in Qld of interstate & foreign grants

  • NSW Estates for Qld based residents


We can provide advice if you are:

  • the named Executor (or one of them)

  • one of the Executors if there is a dispute between you

  • a current spouse/partner challenging the capacity of the Testator who has changed their will

  • a beneficiary challenging delay by an Executor

  • a beneficiary where is no executor, or they have lost capacity

What can we assist with?
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We can act on your behalf to obtain:

  • a Grant of Probate

  • a Grant of Letters of Administration

  • a Reseal on a Grant obtained overseas or interstate


We can work with you to administer deceased estates including:

  • working with local professionals to obtain a reseal in another jurisdiction

  • transfer/ sale of shares

  • transfer/ sale of property

  • transfer/ sale of business

  • liaising with Super Funds

  • Trustee services

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