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Dispute Resolution & Litigation
Image by Catherine Breslin
Image by Mesh

Who Can we Help

Anyone in Queensland with a dispute

Anyone in Australia with a QLD based dispute 


Trustees seeking directions

Anyone with a QLD agreement

Creditors of a debt owed in QLD

Landlords & Tenants of QLD properties

QLD residents with a NSW dispute

What can we Help with

Mediations and Informal Dispute Resolution

Consumer Disputes (>$25,000)

Debt Recovery 

Property Disputes

Contractual Disputes 

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Quantum Meruit Claims

issuing or responding to a Statutory Demand

Neglience Claims (not Personal Injury)

Litigation in the Magistrates, District, & Supreme Courts

Litigation in the Federal Court & High Court

Judgment Enforcement

Image by Catherine Breslin
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