Megan McCarron


During high school, I started volunteering at the RSPCA Dakabin and Neighbour’s Aid in Lawnton and realised I had a true passion for helping people. This led me to pursue a career in law.
Now I specialise in succession planning and estate administration. I have a specific interest in preventing elder abuse and take time to understand my clients' instructions to make sure that they truly reflect their needs and wishes.

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What to expect when working with me:
I am a problem solver and always like to give my clients a range of options to best suit their needs. I am very much down-to-earth and aim to provide simple and realistic solutions.

Fun facts about me:
I hold a law degree from Central Queensland University.
Whilst I am a lawyer on weekdays, on weekends I am an aspiring baker and a chef. Most of my spare time is devoted to making connections with the local community and volunteering.

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