Elena Collett

Senior Lawyer

A few years ago, I moved to Moreton Bay and fell in love with its beautiful surroundings and the local people. That’s when I knew that the work that I do must contribute to the flourishing economy of the region.

Elena Collett Bradshaw Lawyers

I operate with a mindset to take pride in any work that I do. And I am indeed one of the few lucky people who love what they do.

I am devoted to my field of practice. It is particularly satisfying to see how my services help small business in standing its ground in a dispute and recover their hard-earned money.

What to expect when working with me:
I am upfront about your matter. If our team cannot fulfil your expectations, you will be the first to know. We only do what we can do best. Cost is a significant consideration in any dispute resolution process, that is why I endeavour to provide a transparent costs forecast to my clients.
In litigation I cannot promise that a certain result will be achieved, but I can promise that I will return your calls and ensure that you always stay fully informed of all developments in your matter.
At the onset and through to the completion of your matter, I will provide strategic advice regarding the options to minimise time and resources in achieving your goals.
Fun facts about me
I am a dispute resolution lawyer with over 11 years of commercial litigation, high-volume commercial debt recovery and construction law experience. My clients ranged from a government agency, large civil contractors, developers and commercial builders through to consumers and small business owners.
I appeared in State and Federal Courts of all levels.
I hold my degrees from QUT including Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Business and Master of Laws.
I speak fluent Russian and I could be one of the few remaining philatelist in the world.

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